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Of Château Laroze and sweat

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Does your tongue sweat?  I think mine might.  Here’s the science bit.  I did a bit of physics and chemistry at school but no biology – my dad didn’t want me to get an ‘ology and I am not really into science so I sometimes wonder what makes me ask such pointless questions as “does my tongue sweat?”.

Sport is another matter though, and I have always tried to stay active despite my overweight status.  So I often follow Gillian McKeith’s advice to exercise before eating to “earn my meal” …and wine in my case.  Admittedly, I am taking a liberty here since Dr McKeith specifically prohibits alcohol consumption from her diet plans.

On opening a bottle of Château Laroze 1998 that I have been carefully keeping for a while, I was at first delighted to find the cork and wine in apparently perfect condition.

Chateau Laroze 1998…next to a chocolate fountain (for some reason)