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mmmmmm….. Malbec

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

In 1988 I was at the cafeteria of a motorway service station buying a sandwich and I asked where the corned beef was from.  I advised the assistant that I hoped it wasn’t from Argentina.

“Oh, you’re not still sore about the Falklands are you?” she retorted.

“No, actually it was Maradona’s 1986 Hand of God goal.  I’ve boycotted Argentinean products since that day”

Wind forward several years and with the self righteous ban a distant memory, I had occasion to visit the Gaucho Grill on Chancery Lane in  London.  An Argentinean “Grill” restaurant and probably the best steak I have ever tasted.  During that meal I ordered a bottle of Malbec and was wowed.


Hello and welcome

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Welcome to my new blog which is dedicated to my passion for wine.  Having said that I am strictly amateur and just enjoy drinking the stuff.

Given that I drink so much of the stuff I thought it would be useful to share some thoughts.  In general my aim is to seek out good value wine and food.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope you will contribute your own thoughts and experiences.

I have chosen to categorise the site by region so bear with me whilst I build up the material in this blog and expand to other regions.

This is after all a personal site and expresses my personal opinions.  Therefore you ought to know that I love wines from France, South America, Italy, Spain, South Africa, RoW and Australia roughly in that order.  However, because I often find that French wines are overpriced, I find myself looking for bargains from elsewhere.

I am a member of the Wine Society, the Sunday Times Wine Club and I also occasionally buy wines from Majestics, the supermarkets and other wine shops.