Hello and welcome

Welcome to my new blog which is dedicated to my passion for wine.  Having said that I am strictly amateur and just enjoy drinking the stuff.

Given that I drink so much of the stuff I thought it would be useful to share some thoughts.  In general my aim is to seek out good value wine and food.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope you will contribute your own thoughts and experiences.

I have chosen to categorise the site by region so bear with me whilst I build up the material in this blog and expand to other regions.

This is after all a personal site and expresses my personal opinions.  Therefore you ought to know that I love wines from France, South America, Italy, Spain, South Africa, RoW and Australia roughly in that order.  However, because I often find that French wines are overpriced, I find myself looking for bargains from elsewhere.

I am a member of the Wine Society, the Sunday Times Wine Club and I also occasionally buy wines from Majestics, the supermarkets and other wine shops.

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