I am Alastair Bathgate and this is my weblog in which I take a lighthearted look at the world of wine.

I am a strictly amateur wino in that I love wine but I am not prepared to get too serious about it.  I am prepared to pay a few quid for a bottle of wine but only if its great.  I much prefer finding a new discovery at £5 that tastes like nectar and I can afford to order a case.

Oh, I also like food and I blog about either wine, food or both at the same time.

I live in Leeds (England) but spend a lot of time in Manchester and a bit of time in London.  I am a long suffering Manchester City fan and I try hard to support the England Football team (in which I am still sore about the 1986 “Hand of God” incident) despite recent debacles.

If you want to contact me privately you can get me at alastair.bathgate at btinternet.com.  I would love to hear your views and wine and food suggestions.

In the unlikely event that you also share my other passion for enterprise software you can see my other blog at www.workforceinabox.com.

Happy Drinking.

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