Churchaven Wellington Malbec 2007

If you like Malbec (and I do) you might like to explore a bit further than the varietal’s adopted homeland of Argentina.

For example, at the time of writing, Virgin Wines has this South African on offer at £5.99 (normally £9.99).  If you subscribe to Virgin’s Wine Bank, you effectively get an extra 25% discount.  This is stonking value for money.

Churchaven - Purgatory?

Rich and hedonistic with black cherry, leather and spice.  Slightly rough around the edges like your lovable mate, the diamond geezer, this Wellington beaut tastes much more expensive than £4.50.

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  1. Peter May Says:

    Happy new year!

    I had to laugh at the juxtoposition of the name and picture of this wine. Presumably the marketing people at Virgin looked through some South African images, saw this picture and decided that it resembled a church….

    A lot of SA farms have these structures for holding a bell.

    Nothing to do with churches — its known as a slave bell and was used to call time for the field workers in the old days. Haven indeed!!!

    The ‘small cooperative of farmers’ mentioned by Virgin as the winery is Bovlei, also used by Stormhoek…..

  2. Peter May Says:

    Sorry for delay — I have been travelling with very limited internet access… see my blog for more

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