European Wine Bloggers “to drink Rioja dry”

The European Wine Bloggers Conference is fast approaching and I am looking forward to meeting up with a wide range of nationalities with one common aim, to drink Rioja dry discuss maturely the status and future of wine blogging in Europe.  But my travel plans are a nightmare and I’ve really messed up.

The conference is in Logroño, which is a bloody good reason to visit in its own right, being at the heart of La Rioja.  But my flight is to Bilbao, home of the world famous Guggenheim Museum, and I booked the wrong flight back, leaving me zero time to visit.  And you know how difficult/expensive it is to change a flight with QuEasyjet.

Furthermore, my flight out is from Stansted at 7:15am which means I have to leave home at 3am to get to the airport – at least the roads will be quiet!

I sense that the travel travails will be well worth the effort for what looks like a great event.

Cittadella, you WILL go the the ball!

I was going to talk about this Romanian Pinot Grigio “from Transylvania”, but like a lot of PG it is rather ordinary.  For the record it tasted a bit of grilled tomato with herbs.  La Cittadella came from the Sunday Times Wine Club in a “Crisp Refreshing Whites” mixed case for about £60.  I suppose I shouldn’t have opened a bottle of Cloudy Bay next, which did kind of eclipse this poor Dracula juice.

Meanwhile a big fangs to Rob, Gabriella and Ryan for the hard work organising the conference and I look forward to seeing everyone there.

3 Responses to “European Wine Bloggers “to drink Rioja dry””

  1. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    PS I take it all back. Have just changed my flight for a mere £20, the cost of a decent bottle of wine. Guggenheim here we come!

  2. Robert Says:

    Dang nabbit!

    There are issues with that (as you now probably know) in that Spain is closed on a Monday. Yes! All of it. Shut. Closed. Cerrado!

    We’ll just have to keep a few bottles of Rioja back for you to enjoy on Monday.

    As for the Guggenheim, the best bit is the outside, so it doesn’t take long to visit. We’ll work on something

  3. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Yes – I am an idiot for not checking first but other plans I feel sure will emerge…

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