Château Batailley 2004 revisited

When I say revisited, I am lying.  I never actually visited Ch. Batailley in the first place and nor did I this time.  I’ve drunk the wine a number of times though, and in my last tasting of 2004, I decided it was too early to drink.  Venerable US critic, Robert Parker, agrees labelling 2004 Pauillac as “still tannic”.  So why open another bottle now then?  Good question.  Erm, I panicked…

Let the battle commence - Ch Batailley and a microwave…for some reason

Whilst retrieving some wines from my garage in preparation for storing them properly I noticed one bottle of Batailley with a slightly protruding cork.  This is often a sign that the bottle has suffered from overheating which can obviously spoil the wine.  My garage is generally cool but in occasional warm spells who knows?  Maybe I caused the damage.  Maybe it was just poorly sealed.  Either way, I had an attack of nerves and reached for my waiter’s friend.

I needn’t have flapped.  The wine was full flavoured, still quite tannic, but definitely not spoilt.  Plums, strawberries and smoky tobacco leaves made for a pleasant reminder of the days when a fruity restaurant dessert was accompanied by aromatic cigar smoke from the adjacent table.  I am definitely not in favour of reversing the public smoking ban, but is there some way we could allow certain fragrant smoky aromas like cigars and hookahs occasionally in restricted areas?

I looked back at my previous tasting where I recorded strawberries and dark chocolate.  This isn’t a precise science but it looks like the wine may have matured a little and the bitterness of the chocolate dissipated.  Now I have proper storage facilities I must try to hold off from drinking another bottle for another few months.  I hope this wine is going to keep improving for a long while yet.

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