Ironside – cyanide?

Raymond Burr was considered by some to be a TV genius.  Robert T. Ironside was super-attorney, Perry Mason’s succesor (in his acting career).  Personally I much preferred cigar slugging Columbo.

Talking of American trash, I’ve had to add a new category for this post which shows how much wine I drink from the world’s only remaining super-power.  I have had bad experiences of US wine in the past, perhaps based on the cheap end of the Gallo range, so I didn’t have high hopes from this one:

Fetch my wheelchair fella, oh no that’s Ironside stupid!  Ironstone next to a bag of salad (for some reason)

Ironstone Vineyards 2004 Chardonnay/Viognier  from California retails at about £7 a bottle. Surely £6 of that must be shipping costs and £1 duty (or is that vice versa) so exactly how much is spent on the wine?

I was astounded by the quality.  Uncle Sam, I apologise, even if you are bald (and especially if you are listening in via spyware or remote listening device).  A gorgeous smell of gooseberries led to flavours of pear slices in yoghurt.  Fresh fruit salad and natural yoghurt is such a great breakfast starter (as long as it’s followed by bacon and poached eggs).  Much superior to taking a cyanide pill.

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  1. Ciaran Says:

    Funnily enough, I had the ‘best TV detective from that era’ argument only last week, with somone who rated Ironside as #1. I have him in at least third place, if not lower. Columbo is my #2. You surely have to come back to the right side of the Atlantic to find the real #1 though – Jeff Randall.

  2. winehiker Says:

    Alastair, I’ve been to Ironstone Vineyards’ beautiful Sierra Foothills complex twice, but though the building and landscaping are inviting and beautiful – including a display case with a million-dollar gold ingot – every wine I’ve had from them, whether off the shelf or in their tasting room – is pure dreck – the Viognier perhaps being the best of them. And that’s too bad, because there are some really fine boutique vintners that produce much better wine from the same Calaveras County region.

  3. Stacy Says:

    How can I not support a fellow Wino? Even if you are dissing my country’s wine? Afterall we offer one wine varietal no one else in the world can… Red Zinfandel. Big and bolf, this is not a wine for the timid. Check it out when you can. And thanks for the reciprocal comments. Will be happy to add you to our blog at!

  4. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Hi Stacy
    I am interested to know what you think of European wines – do they generally travel well to the US?
    In the UK, beer often does not travel well even short distances from the brewery. Does the same apply to wine? I probably am too cautious of American wines because of the distance they have to travel to reach me and therefore I (unfairly) don’t drink enough. I’d love to visit one day and see how they taste in the envrionment they are intended for!
    In the meantime, I promise to try a few more over here…

  5. el jefe Says:

    hi Alastair – glad I finally found your blog (via GoodGrape, he seems to be a crossroads :). When you do make the hop, I’d love to show you around a few Calaveras wineries – and show you our 44-oz chicken nugget…

  6. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    When I finally get round to planning my trip I’ll definitely arrange to visit your spot – looks really interesting. Thanks.

    As to the best TV detective of that era, I am not sure whether Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) went out in the states, but haven’t we all forgotten the master himself – THEO KOJAK!!!!

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