Chénas, Château Bonnet, 2010

I’ve had a massive, Rowan Gormley style, fallout with Virgin Wines. Having restructured (read less favourable terms) their “Wine Bank” offer, I had the temerity to request the closure of my Wine Bank account. After three emails and two phone calls still no joy. So, no more Virgin Wines. I am storming (or maybe mincing) off in a huff.

Luckily, I joined The Wine Society many moons ago and they ruthlessly and relentlessly ship me top quality wines at fair (not cheap) prices. Here is yet another reason to stay a member.

Beaujolais 2010 was supposed to be a mere shadow of the magnificent 2009 vintage. However, this Château Bonnet Chénas (£9.50) begs to differ. Much more serious than “typical” bubble gum Gamay, juicy and fruity but with a smidgen of spice. Think of it as a higher class of jelly (yes, streets ahead of Haribo).

Sorry for the lack of humour in this post. Say thanks to Tony Laithwaite and his band of Virgins for that.

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  1. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    In the interests of balance, I should point out that eventually I got through to somebody helpful who quickly closed my account, guided me on spending my balance of about £90 on Burgundy, then chucked in a bottle of vintage champers FOC. Fair play.

  2. Manners Says:

    I am no dipsomaniac, but I think the fact I drink bottled still water on Virgin tains rather than their vino sums it up for me.
    It’s the opposite of BMW ,crap across the whole range.

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