Dujac, Morey-saint-Denis, 2006

If you are ever in Manchester and fancy a decent glass of wine, Hanging Ditch is my recommendation. The only negative is that, even in this alco-city, where poor restaurants barely survive next to pubs, bars, lounges and drinking dens, Hanging Ditch has the temerity to close at 8pm, even on big nights. On the plus side, they know their wines and you can enjoy a wee glass in their tiny premises largely undisturbed whilst one of the guys advises you how to spend your hard-earned wedge on Burgundies, Albariños and Godellos. At least, that is what I was persuaded to walk out with on a recent visit that included a whopping £40 for this Morey-St-Denis.

But they say that you should buy Burgundy by producer, not by appellation or quality hierarchy. And few domaines come more highly recommended than Dujac. I can taste why. Strawberries and pepper. Nothing thin, bitter or even barnyardy in this wine and yet quite rich for a 13% ABV wine. A perfect match for the gentle flavours of fillet steak.

The trouble with decent Burgundy Pinot Noirs is twofold:

1. The wine can be variable

2. It is invariably expensive

But if you can afford to take a risk on a very occasional £40 bottle of bourgogne’s finest you will often be wowed. And Hanging Ditch will always do you a bulk discount if you buy a few bottles.

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