Top ten wine blogs?

I pity these crazy foo’s?  That’s certainly not the order I would put them in.  And Confessions of a Wino would definitely not be in my top ten of UK wine blogs.  Laughable. I am not even trying to make money out of my site.

No wonder I get so many pesky (usually trite) press releases. I ain’t getting on no airplane with these guys!

Feel free to send me more samples though.  My neighbours keep asking about the parties, and I do occasionally write up wines if they are interesting in some way.

Got no more time fo da jibba jabba.

2 Responses to “Top ten wine blogs?”

  1. The Sediment Blog Says:

    But Top Ten what? Readerships? Influence? Writing quality?

    (On at least one of those, we would have hoped to be mentioned…)

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    You are welcome to my slot…suggest you write to them.

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