Château de Nervers, Brouilly, 2009

I am in the envious position of having tickets to see Elbow in their home town on 25 March.  So tonight, Matthew, I’m doing a bit of cramming.

Have you heard the new Elbow album?  It was released today and I downloaded it from iTunes for the princely sum of £10.99.  Listening to it now, I am not yet totally enamoured.  But that almost certainly means that, with two or three more listens, I will love it.  Guy Garvey’s sharp “northern” lyrics combined with soulful melodies seem to appeal as much to men, as to women, despite the music being a bit soft for Northern blerks.  I’d like to see Guy proclaimed King of Manchester and maybe I’d share a curry with him at Akbars, the most royal of Manchester Ruby restos.

The self proclaimed King of Beaujolais, Georges Duboeuf, sent me some Brouilly, via the Wine Society who debited my account to the rather commonly sum of £8.75.  Château de Nervers, Brouilly, 2009, is from a legendary Bojo vintage.  Do you believe the hype?

Despite my picture, please don’t serve this wine warm.  Follow WART instructions for Beaujolais, and drink this at about 12-14 degrees.  If you do, you will find it rich, fruit filled and almost jammy.  Except, not quite.  A bit lighter, watered down?  Bring out the cranberry jelly!  I would expect this wine to go well with turkey.  I can confirm it goes great with pork.

Why do blokes like Coldplay, or Keane?  It is soft feminine music and yet, somehow stirs the senses.  We are more likely to cry than dance at the Elbow concert.  Maybe a little seaty-bum-jiggling.  We will all look like we have piles….but with a serene smile on our faces.

I’ve just followed Guy Garvey on Twitter.  As for Beaujolais 2009, I believe!

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  1. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Actually, I am so impressed by 2009 Beaujolais, I have just ordered another case from the Wine Society…

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