A little Antipodean chess diversion

Do you know Wino Sapien?  A doctor from Perth with excess intelligence and wit and more wine expertise than me.  You should read his blog.

I’ve been getting to know him a little too well.  We may both be deep into mid life crises, since we agreed to play postal chess.  No, not internet, nor even email chess.  Postal.  SNAIL MAIL!  The game has been going for nigh on 6 months and this is the rather paltry progress made in some varation of Queen’s gambit declined, that I don’t understand.

Slow, I know, but outrageous fun in an English eccentric sort of way.

Black to move – will you offer him any help?  Maybe he has already posted.  Such is the speed of 1970’s technology. If you want to laugh along, I dare say Ed might keep you up to date occasionally as well.  If you are into Chess I advise you to look away or be horrified.  You have been warned.

Normal wine service will be resumed soon…

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  1. Ciaran Says:

    Never mind the mid-life crisis, you’ll both be drawing your pensions by the time the game’s finished at that rate.

    I’m at the other end of the technological and temporal scale at the moment, playing a lot of blitz games via smartphone. Sadly I’m being reminded of the lesson I learned last time I got into this a few years ago – unless you’re already extremely good at chess, the more blitz you play, the worse you get. Consequently, I’ll refrain from suggesting what Black’s next move, perhaps steaming slowly across the equator even now, might be. I’ll look forward to the next installment though.

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