Château de Francs 2005

Beans on toast.  One of life’s staple meals.  So simple, so healthy, so cheap, so erm, studenty?  Of course there are only two types of baked bean, Heinz and shite.  And there are only two types of toast, the type that sets my smoke alarm off, and the type that is undercooked and flabby.  The absolute secret to beans on is to make sure the toast is as crispy as possible before you soggify it with the beans.  Also helps if you cook the beans over a low heat for a decent amount of time to reduce the sauce.

So sitting in the flat to the tuneful, albeit duotonous, harmonies of Manchester Fire Brigade’s finest, my mind inevitably wanders.  My challenge over the last couple of years has been to find the perfect wine match for this honourable meal, and I think I may have just succeeded in Spades.

Franc's bean's on....for some reason

Château de Francs 2005 is from the Côtes de Francs in Bordeaux.  Elevé en fûts de chêne (aged in oak) it’s a wine that gets you reaching for your ASCII map.  Made from 86% Merlot, it is a smooth, tasty, yet rich and smoky wine with sweet dark berries perfectly complementing the Heinz tomato sauce (with added sugar).  There is enough tannin to pluck out the slightly burnt embers of toast and the ensemble is a masterpiece of Clarinet Concerto in A Major proportions.

I got my stash from the Wine Society at £9.50 although they have clearly worked out that it is worth more, as the price at the time of writing has rocketed to £11.95, and they can’t even get the picture right.  Ignore these minor faults and go buy some quickly before the 2005 sells out.

6 Responses to “Château de Francs 2005”

  1. Peter May Says:

    My faith in you as a connoisseur has taken a hit. I can only hope that you have not yet encountered Branston baked beans, because if you are including them in your shite category I may well have to read another blog

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Drat and confounded drats. You have exposed my lily-livered lack of research. I’ve never tried Branston Baked Beans – will look out for when next in supermarché…
    I’d never get a job with the beeb.

  3. Douglas Says:

    …they’re not bad, actually.

  4. curt dahl Says:

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    let me know if you are interested. We really enjoy your blog…hopefully you agree its a good fit.


    Curt Dahl

  5. Our favourite wine Blogs Says:

    […] Chateau de Francs 2005 Italian Freemasons nobble me in Manchester […]

  6. Chris Notsellinganything Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your blogs and congratulate you on your excellent choice of protein the humble bean. Very good for ones balanced diet! By not purchasing a joseph&curtis chipboard and plastic abomination we will have enough to keep ourselves in beans for years. I need a balanced diet though so am saving enough for a big steak and some Argy Malbec to help it down. As you keep reminding me one can drink remarkably well via the WS. Anyway it was instructive to glimpse the American dream.

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