Château Cantenac Brown 2003

Back to reality, with tonight’s University Challenge yielding less than 5 points to the Wino intellect (or lack of).  And this despite a dumbing down of questions this series, to include word games, “modern” music and, of all things, 20th century architecture.

My lack of success at quiz events is partly due to lack of knowledge, and partly due to lack of due care and attention.  I think they named a driving offence after me.  But there must be some random knowledge stored up there in the old grey matter.  For example, I am sure I heard that the wines of Margaux are feminine and gently perfumed.

Juicy fruit, and some Cantenac for some reason

Château Cantenac Brown 2003 smells rich and earthy, and tastes hot, spicy and masculine, in a Usain Bolt sort of way.  With a finish of approximately 9.58 seconds, it kicks blackberry crumble with a sprint of cayenne pepper into the very finish line of your palate.

After a glass, it developed into something slightly more subtle but remained a great partner for spicy pepperoni pizza.  I guess the Margaux weather in 2003 was more tropical than temperate.

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