Jackson-Triggs Ice Wine 2006

At only 10.5% alcohol and a mere 25cl bottle (a large glass of wine at most British pubs) this wine had to live up to a £11.44 price tag.  Yes, I know, only Costco could come up with this odd valuation.

Vidal in the saloon and a fridge....for some reason

This is, I think, the first wine I have tried from Canada and with grapes pressed at -10°C, maybe the first real ice wine.

There is the most intense floral aroma with a fruity taste.  Lavender, lychee and honey – highly intoxicating, unusual and extremely sexy.

Very impressive and probably the best wine I have bought from Costco, and certainly the best value, despite the tiny bottle.  It may look like a post-asparagus sample but, fortunately, it doesn’t taste like one – more like honey and manna from heaven.  Totally gorgeous with runny cheese.

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  1. Simon Woods Says:

    Have you ever tried Ice Cider? Only ever had one, as remarkable and different from normal cider as Ice wine is from regular wine (have to say the pic looks like a very big bottle in front of a dog bowl…)

  2. Ice ‘n’ Easy | Drinking Outside The Box Says:

    […] on July 20, 2009 Saw that Alastair Bathgate was plugging a Jackson Triggs Ice Wine on his ‘Confessions of a Wino‘ blog. I featured one here last week, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the […]

  3. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Oops I got the picture aspect ratio wrong – have corrected now. Must try that Ice Cider – sounds fab.

  4. chris townend Says:

    how did you serve it – freezing cold from the fridge or at cellar temperature?

  5. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    As cold as possible from the fridge…yum!

  6. marko (slovenija) Says:

    Well, about the ice wine some info.
    The level sugar in this wine is so big, because water is frozen only sugar left.
    Wine producer is well known that it is almost imposiblle to have ice wine every year.
    Our family, we are also wine producers and yes we also have ice wine. First time in 1997, then 2007 and 2009.

    Also we have wine in our wine cellar that is even more sweter than ice wine. Realy, wine like this are like heaven when you taste it.

    Level shugar in a ice wine is even twice biger than in ordinary hearverst.
    This wines are gifts from heavens.

    I dont now what are prices for wine like this in other coutry, the price we have is 30 € for a botle (250 ml).

    Every work we made in our wineyards is with hands. So i think that wine like this earn the price we have.

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