Guenoc Cabernet Sauvignon Bella Vista Reserve 1994

My good mate, Easto, came over for a barbecue at the weekend and brought a bottle he had stored for too many years (or so he thought).

Having recently bought into my two fundamental theories of life:
a) that wine should be drunk at the right temperature; and
b) that your best wine should be drunk and not left in your will,
he suggested I give this a quick blast in the fridge and get on with firing up the coals.

Gurning at Guenoc

The wine was produced by Bob and Jackie Hayes, personal friends of the Eastons and Tim had brought this back from California in his suitcase a few years ago.  There was no reason to know whether it was past its best.  Cabernet Sauvignon tends towards longevity, but 15 years, many of which in the custody of a simple Scouser and who knows….?

Guenoc and food....for some reason

As it happens, the cork was in tip top condition and the contents were superb.  Definitely the best American wine I have ever tasted.  Violets, plums, raspberries and a good dose of smoke it went superbly well with the lamb steaks and kidneys you can see on the barbie in the background!

Easto may be a bit of a buffoon at times but he is secretly a much better judge of wine than he tries to make out.  After firing up the karaoke machine it transpires that the same cannot be said for his vocal chords.  Our duet sounded like a castrated dog playing with a whoopee cushion.  I must apologise to the neighbours.

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