Bollinger Grande Année 1999

I am not the sort of person to waste money on a premium product unless I see real value.  Vintage Champagne is rarely, if ever, in my wine rack, but this is because I have never really thought it worth extra.  In January, I spotted a bottle of 1999 Bolly at only £58 and that included two free Riedel flutes.  At that price the value test was too tempting to miss, and maybe I reached a L’Oréal moment?

Bolly...and wood for some reason

La Grande Année 1999 is deeper richer and smoother than NV Champagne in both appearance and taste.  It looks like a sample from a dehydrated bat (possibly one that has been shaken, not stirred) but fortunately the flavour is delicious lemon and butterscotch.  Pretty nice but worth 10 times the price of a Freixenet Cava?

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  1. David McDuff Says:

    Yes, and then some.

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