Tin Shed Wild Bunch Riesling 2004

Most successful software is never the real deal until version 3.  This is the version that appeases the early, and even late majority, and therefore wins the market.  I have just downloaded the 3.0 operating system for my iPhone and it was worth the wait.

OS 2.0 had holes the size of moon craters.  If you own another brand I bet you can cut and paste.  I bet you can send multimedia messages.  I bet you can capture voice recording.  I bet you can remotely wipe your phone if it is stolen.  (OK this last one is fairly unique).  These yawning gaps have been filled in 3.0 and without having to download any more apps.  Need meteorite strike insurance?  There’s an app for that….

That having been said, the single greatest strength of the iPhone is that is has learnt, ironically from Microsoft, that to create a successful platform you have to create a community and allow them to expand your platform by building applications.  This happens much faster than you could ever build applications yourself so the usage of your platform spreads like wildfire.

Witness Steve Jobs who, a billion application downloads later, must be wondering if he will catch up Bill Gates in the software wealth stakes before the decade is out.

In honour, I was hoping to bring you a wine that tastes of apple, but this one is pure lemon.

Do you remember the war, sonny Jim?

From Virgin Wines at a not inconsiderable £14.15, I ordered this as part of my virtual world tour of Rieslings.

It smells of fresh lemonade and tastes of lemon meringue pie.  Very subtle and delicate, much like erm……a lemon meringue pie.  As Rieslings go, I generally have had great experience of Australia and particularly Clare Valley.  I’ve not had much experience of Tin Sheds though.

Highly recommended although I think a tad over-priced.

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