Café de Luna, Clichy, Paris

Is that a haircut or a hat?

Cafe de Luna, on boulevard de Clichy is a bustling bistro that caught my eye on a cheeky weekend visit.  We were staying round the corner in the ninth and needed a reasonably priced dinner.  That is a challenge at the moment for Brits in Paris due to the parity of Euro/Sterling.

I started with Bourgogne escargots in garlic and mopped up every last morceau!  Eating snails is always a bit like chewing on rolled up condoms but it is the sauce that makes the strange texture so appealing.

Rumsteack pavé avec béarnais was saignant as ordered and juicy match for the wine.  The steak was a thick pavement slab cut part way in half horizontally and splayed – served legs akimbo as if imitating one of the local business ladies.

Our waiter was patient enough to speak both French and English and was chatty and friendly.  You couldn’t believe you were so close to a (sex) tourist area, just down la rue from the Moulin Rouge (which was way too expensive to deserve a visit at >EUR150 per head for dinner and show).

The wine, by the way, was 2007 Saumur Champigny Les Armore’s.  Baked custard and apple and blackcurrant.  Tastes superb and served chilled just right at about 12 degrees.. Fruity and very light tannins.  Saumur appears regularly on Parisian wine lists – it seems the inhabitants of Ile de France have excellent taste, although they are backward in other areas.  The internet has clearly not caught on as a place to advertise your restaurant and Luna has no website.

Nonetheless, this place is trés sympa and good value!  I would return…

Cool Saumur from the Loire

Caf̩ de Luna, 122, boulevard de Clichy Р75018 Paris.
T:  +33 1 55 06 18 84

2 Responses to “Café de Luna, Clichy, Paris”

  1. CLECLE Says:

    Le Café de Luna,
    à attiré mon attention .
    Il fait bar brasserie restaurant,
    il vous accueille chaleureusement,
    il a une belle pièce illuminée,
    le serveur est très sympathique,
    la nourriture est de qualité et elle est bien présentée,
    et il y a du choix.

  2. Alexa Says:

    PLEASE, tell me you tried the mushroom lasagna while you were there! The best lasagna I’ve ever tried.

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