Paul Mas Marsanne 2007

Childhood memories.  Good and bad.  Ahhhh.

Mass debate

I am not sure whether I was more phlegmatic than other kids of my generation but this wine reminded me of Tixylix.

Paul Mas Estate, Marsanne, La Forge Vineyard did also taste of apricot and honey and as it happens I liked the taste of Tixylix.  I have little experience of the Marsanne grape and to be honest I picked the bottle up as an experiment.  And I am glad I did.

Another Vin de Pays D’Oc – the southern French region that I am starting to explore more thoroughly, mainly as a result of wallet shrinkage.  At £7.99 from Majestic, I think this is another example of why you should be exploring it too.

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  1. Robert McIntosh Says:

    I tried this wine recently too. I liked it too, though I must admit that Tixylix is not in my tasting vocabulary.

    It is the sort of wine worth experimenting with from the South of France – something unusual, but reasonably local and not pretending to be something it isn’t (e.g. Australian wannabe Shiraz etc.)

    Nice choice!

  2. Robert McIntosh Says:

    ooh – actually, I just remembered that it was a wine I did some culinary experimentation with and even made some videos for – hope you enjoy 😉

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