Fabre Montmayou 2008 Torrontés

I’ve sacked Mybloglog.  What is the point when Facebook (you see, no need to provide a hyperlink) is taking over every social interaction on the web.  I like to think that LinkedIn looks after business interaction, but Facebook’s success in the social space has undoubtedly been due to its open platform.

Fabre, Sabre, Labia, Quaver - but in the end a good match for Beans On!

Anyone can develop an application that enhances Facebook and (possibly) earns them some cash, or perhaps just respect.  Either way, it makes for a rich user experience and the latest way you can follow this blog is via NetworkedBlogs.  An application you can easily find on Facebook.

Maybe Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Friends Reunited will all be subsumed beneath the Facebook steamroller soon.

I wasn’t going to bother writing up tonight’s wine but it turned out to be pretty decent.  Facebook is arguably one of the best ways of letting the world know that I have found something worth drinking – and at a reasonable price.

Fabre Montmayou Torrontés 2008 is from Mendoza, a place where the Torrontés grape seems to thrive.  Torrontés is ten a penny in most supermarkets but defo worth a try – it almost always overperforms the lowly status afforded to it by its inherent price point.  This one came from Virgin Wines at £7.99 and tasted of apricot, peach and pear.  Tangy, fruity, super refreshing and a surprising match for beans on toast.

The fruity Torrontés grape complements the sweet tomato sauce (added sugar), and the chalky texture of the beans marries well with the citric dry acidity of the wine.  Yum.

If you want to follow this blog via your Facebook account, simply go to the Wino home page and look down the right hand column until you find NetworkedBlogs, and click the “Follow this Blog” button.

4 Responses to “Fabre Montmayou 2008 Torrontés”

  1. Peter May Says:

    You call Facebook ‘open’.

    What I hate about it is that it is totally closed unless you sign up to an account. You can’t get into it, can’t look at anything, do anything unless you sign up to it and its conditions. Its the AOL of the 21st century. Anti – internet.

    May it rot in hell.

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:


    A club of 175,000,000 members disagree with you.

    I am not sure what you could get out of Facebook without signing up anyway – that’s kinda the whole point isn’t it? I don’t really want anyone snooping round my profile unless they are a member and I agree to connect to them.

    I used to think that the world would connect to each other through each individual having a micro blogging site of their own and connect to their favoured friends’ sites. This may still happen one day, but there still needs to be a hub and Facebook is as good (and as open) as any.

  3. Peter May Says:

    I don’t want to get anything out of it, but every now and again I get someone asking me to see something on it and its blocked.

    There are many places you need to logon to and sign up to conditions if you want to take part but allow non-members to view public areas.

    I don’t know what is in your profile that is so secret but you seem to be pretty open with your public blog here.

    Millions of people use AOL as well.

    I suspect a lot of the millions of Facebook members signed on once and have never been back.

  4. White Lion Says:

    This is an excellent vintage, just picked up a bottle at Moore Brothers today. Goes well with lamb and roasted chicken, perhaps a little grilled asparagus.

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