Hughes’ look says it all

So Man City’s UEFA dream survives after clinging by the loosest of threads for 90 minutes plus extra time and penalties.

I never supported the appointment of Mark Hughes.  However, I have held my tongue whilst others have defended him.  Apologists are fine, but with the budget he has, I think the fans deserve more.

I do feel sorry for Mark.  He is genuine and hard working.  He is a capable of turning average players into good players.  He is capable of turning a team of misfits into a team that battles agin the odds.  But can he manage a team of expensive galacticos?  Experience so far says no.  I am not referring to City’s poor results.  Tactically he is average.  As a motivator he has only one tool in the kitbag – fear.  You can drop a hand grenade in every now and again, that is a valid management tool.  Drop in too many though, and eventually the ground is levelled and there is no team left.

City look like a team bereft of confidence.  A team that don’t know each other and don’t even like each other.  A team of overpaid misfits who are scared for their future.  Will anyone start listening to those of us who will not apologise for Mr Hughes?  Send him back to Blackburn where he will be welcomed.  He will be fondly remembered.  He will lift them back to mid table over-achievement and possibly even better.  A statue will be erected.

Man City needs a better manager and can afford one – Sven again?  Martin O’Neill (my personal favourite)?  Arsène Wenger, allegedly pissed off at the Arshavin transfer, according to an inside source of mine?  Capello, when England sack him after losing the next game?

Going to Aalborg with a 2-0 lead and with 10 minutes to go, should have been a walk in the park.  Man City turned it into a death defying tightrope walk and we so nearly fell into the abyss.

I continue to support Man City (til I die, and beyond) and I will continue to back whichever manager is charge whilst at a match.  However, Mark Hughes’ grim facial expression at full time on the TV tonight says it all.  He knows that the UEFA cup is his last chance.

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