Roaring Meg Mt Difficulty Pinot Noir 2007

Have you ever watched a football match where the result went against the run of play?  Or fancied a bird whose face was constructed from the Pam Ayres book of beauty?  Or eaten something like a Seekh Kebab that looks like a dog turd but tastes bloody lovely?

Difficulty Mounting this?  Ask Meg.

This wine has all the essence of a classic Pinot Noir – raspberries, strawberries, compost, a little zing but an unusual added ingredient.  It’s the sort of sensation you get from high meat, like a gamey pheasant, or perhaps a cheese that is almost, but not quite, overripe.  It is difficult to describe but it is gorgeous.  It creates tension in your taste buds – how can something that tastes slightly wrong be so right?

I got this bottle from Majestic.  At the time of writing, on offer at £14.99 (normally £17.49).  Drink slightly chilled…

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