Cono Sur Viognier 2008

At some point in your life, birthdays stop being beacons shining light on a promising future and instead become lamp posts illuminating yesterday’s gloomy streets.  A time to look back longingly at your youth and wonder what might have happened if you hadn’t bought that Ford Escort with the faulty brakes, or kissed that fat bird with dentures behind the bike sheds at school.

But the lacerations eventually healed and I was able once again to enjoy eating the sweets of my generation without the nightmare of that mousetrap snog to haunt my tongue.

Cono Sur and some retro sweets....for some reason

For my birthday this year, my bestest present was a jar of retro sweets:  Pineapple chunks, foam bananas, chocolate footballs, cola bottles, and even fruit salads and black jacks – all the flavours that I regularly taste in wine.

But for dinner it is an Indian takeaway and I reckon Viognier might be a good match.  I was at my local Majestic recently sharing tales of woe about over production in New Zealand in 2008, and exploring the possibility that Sauvignon Blanc might this year go the same way Chardonnay did a few years back - as popular as a white farmer at a Zanu-PF rally .  So I asked the store guy what he thought would be the next big grape.  “Viognier”.  I admire his optimism but I can’t see muggles taking to a grape so difficult to pronounce.  Nonetheless, he did succeed in selling me a couple of bottles including this Cono Sur 2008.

Smelling of honeysuckle, Parma violet and straw and with sticky sweet undertones of jam sponge pudding with custard in the mouth – maybe just a note of Planters Dry Roast Peanuts.  Like most Cono Sur wines I have tried, this one is well worth a go.  Cono Sur is one of the rare wine “brands” that I trust.  Majestic £6.99.  Waitrose £6.64.

I am 45 today – Happy Birthday to me!

4 Responses to “Cono Sur Viognier 2008”

  1. edward Says:

    Happy Birthday Alastair. I keep seeing these Cono Sur wines when I go shopping, I’ll pick one up tomorrow I think.

  2. Lorna Says:

    And the viognier is on offer at £4.99 at Somerfield at the moment, along with the 2008 pinot noir. Both reduced from £6.99 – result!

    Now looking forward to it even more after your praise.

  3. Lorna Says:

    Should correct that – checked the Somerfield viognier and it’s the 2007 vintage (allthough the pinot noir is 2008), I’m still quite new to all this wine appreciation lark so don’t know how much difference a year will make but we shall see.

  4. derek Says:

    had a bottle last night with spaghetti carbonarra-very,very nice

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