Don Luigi – Lord of Liversedge

There is no shortage of choice in West Yorkshire when it comes to Italian restaurants.  But they are known to change hands occasionally.

I recently wrote up a posthumous review of Marco’s Ristorante in Hightown, Liversedge and a correspondent advised that this place has morphed into Don Luigi’s, run by Marco’s former head waiter, Fabrizio.  Having eaten there recently, I was delighted to agree with MG that several improvements have been made.  The cooking, decor and even wine list are all superior.

Don Luigi's exterior - can you see the name?

Inside and outside have receive a good lick of brighter and whiter paint that has made the place feel cleaner and more cheery.  The bar, the decoration touches, the specials board, the new larger windows in the waiting area all contributing to a new friendly warm aura.

The menu is more traditionally Italian than before and Spaghetti Clams leapt out of the page onto my starter plate.  The infusion of shellfish into the pasta is a beautifully subtle flavour.  A few more grittier, saltier clams would have been nice though.

I have never tried veal with coffee.  Vitello al Caffé was literally veal cutlets, pan fried with butter, pine nuts, vegetable stock and a freshly made espresso poured on top.  I was advised to have a sugar in the espresso to take a little of the bitterness away.  This is a new dish to me and I actually thought the bitterness of the coffee sets of the subtle veal flavours nicely.

Falanghina del Sannio - zingy honey

The wine list is not very informative so it is worth asking Fabrizio for advice when ordering.  He steered me towards a Falanghina Sannio hidden away from the headlights of the menu.  Terre Barboniche 2005 at 12.5% is a light aperitif sort of wine with melon and cucumber, virtually no aroma, yet a lovely zing of white honey on the tongue.  Super with the spaghetti, but on reflection a richer, more potent wine would have suited the veal dish better.

London types reading this will marvel at the picture below.  Where can you eat for such value in the capital?  Two courses, drinks, wine, super macchiato, digestif (chardonnay grappa) and a warm friendly atmosphere, all for even less than the net assets of a mid-range British bank.

Il conto - northern value

These guys need some marketing help.  There is no website, no reviews on the web (until now), and no entries in telephone lists etc.  I had to get the address details from the old Marco’s website (which is still live at time of writing).

Despite this, the place was buzzing on the Saturday we visited.  Fabrizio deserves to succeed, and you deserve decent food and wine.  So, if you haven’t done so already,  just go and try it.

Don Luigi’s Ristorante, 399A Halifax Road, Liversedge, WF15 8DU
T: 01274 873636

7 Responses to “Don Luigi – Lord of Liversedge”

  1. samantha Says:

    thankyou for the review, yes the marketing has been a problem this first year, but we are listed in yellow pages and now showing contact details and directions. Our website is now ready and you can view it at

  2. Paul Says:

    Fabrizio is doing a great job – and whilst I used to eat there fairly regularly and enjoy the evening under the old management, it is clear that the new standards are higher and on an upward trajectory.

    It is particularly nice to see the Sardinian influences coming through in the menu (bottarga, malloreddus, porcheddu and occasionally seadas al miele). Fabrizio is genuinely passionate about food and wine – and he’s a friendly person so you always get a warm welcome.

    Anyone who has not been since the change of ownership should go and give it a try!

  3. Mark(Ducati) Says:

    Since Fabrizio took charge in May 2008 the Dirty Old Marco’s has been transformed in everyway.
    The previous management were rude and their knowledge like the old menu was basic to say the least.
    The Decor both externally and internally was similar to the toilets ,Filthy!!
    Within weeks of taking over Fabritzio transformed the place and Sam”s green fingers and creavtive touch injected a much needed splash of colour into the place.
    The Menu in Don Luigis is varied and the “special board” always has a fantastic selection of Fresh Fish and Pasta.If you dont see what you fancy then just ask Fabritzio and he’ll go out of his way to try and accomodate you.
    Agree with previous review forget the wine list and just ask Fab what he recommends, He’s never let me down.
    If there is anything nagative to say about Don Luigis is that at certain times especially at the weekends there maybe a long wait but again Fab and his great young staff(especially a pretty girl by the name of Lucy) do there best to put you at ease this goes to prove how things have improved.In the years that it was Marco’s i never had to wait for a table once i think that says it all

  4. milly Says:

    i think marco’s was amazing but i havent yet visited don luigis but am going to call in 🙂

  5. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Hi all

    Thanks for the comments. I like Marco a lot and did visit regularly during his tenure, but I have to say that Fabrizio has improved the place greatly.

  6. Anthony Says:

    As the web designer for Fabrizio I can safely say that he has a new website.

    And his food is truly amazing!

    Ask him about the suckling pig photos!

  7. dave Says:

    called in as a last minute meal this evening, service great, friendly staff, meal was lovely, and the bill was absolutely great! can’t believe this place is on my doorstep and we’ve never tried it before, we will be back, with friends and would recommend it, no more travelling long distance for a good italian restaurant for us, well done fabrizio!

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