Twin towers no match for boiled eggs

I have some empathy with John Major and his propensity to give her a pubic service.  Edwina Currie, in her prime, was almost certainly a foxy chick, and she sure has the personality to entertain a Minister of State.  However, her period of public service is not remembered fondly by the British egg trade.

Now though, it seems eggs are safe after all – hoorah!  Boiled eggs are one of my staple dishes and I eat far more than the three a week that most of the public (including me) used to think was safe.

But is there a wine that matches my eggy soldiers?  Will two bell towers stand proud to the challenge?

Two bell towers and three eggs...for some reason

Not really, no.  But it is a lovely wine nonetheless.  Saint Pourçain is a rare red producing area hiding in the white dominated Loire Valley.  Les Deux Clochers 2005 came to me from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  I forget the price (just over a fiver, I think) and it appears to be out of stock now.

If you have a bottle in your cellar, I would drink it quite cool.  The smell was like mouldy raspberries, the colour strawberry juice, the flavours slightly bitter but super juicy apple, blackberry and cherry with a note of fruit salad chew.

Rubbish with eggs but great stuff on its own.

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  1. Peter May Says:

    C’mon on now. Edwina had the courage to spill the dirty secret that UK eggs were full of salmonella and instead of the egg trade getting vilified, for some reason she was.

    The latest news says about the scare of eggs having dangerous levels of chlorestorel is untrue. Not that they are safe from salmonella.

    Two entirely different things.

    Agree with you about Edwina — have you read any of her novels? Hot stuff!!

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