Satnav-Lavières 2004 Camus-Bruchon 1er Cru

I’ve had a couple of marketing lessons recently.

The first was pulling into a service station with my iPhone flashing a “10% power” warning.  A FoneBitz franchise saw me coming (and presumably had the pictures).  It was more than irony that they stiffed me for £24.95 for an in-car charger.  When the assistant saw me laugh out loud (LOL), she didn’t.  The iPhone cost less than that, I giggled.  “Do you want the item, sir?” said the straight-faced lady.  I had 20 phone calls to make and 200 miles to drive, so I handed over the dirty ransom.

Savigny and a marketing lesson...for some reason

The second emerged from a Xmas present of a new Tomtom Sat Nav (can you guess how much time I spend in my car?).  This was fanfared into my presence with a “free” fuel voucher for £40.  Worth claiming?  You bet.  Well, possibly not on reflection.

If the pain of having to download forms, complete codes, write letters, submit urine samples and go down on both Lewinsky-like knees is not enough to put you off, once you receive the voucher it is a joint marketing initiative with Citi, the well-capitalised bank that is so interested in the sub-prime market that it is now selling pre-paid Visa cards.  Then again, maybe we are all sub-prime now we are crunched.  In any case, I am taking no chances and going out to spend the money on diesel first thing tomorrow whilst Citi are hopefully still trading.

In no sense tasting of diesel, and nothing to do with marketing (since it came from the Wine Society) is Savigny-Lavières 2004 Camus-Bruchon Premier Cru.  Smelling of crushed basil and tasting of orange and cranberry juice it is so much better than the last Wine Society Burgundy I tried and at about £13, half the price.  If you can still find this – it is top value.

2 Responses to “Satnav-Lavières 2004 Camus-Bruchon 1er Cru”

  1. Unhappy Fonebitz Employee Says:

    I work for fonebitz and it’s shite! we buy that charger for around £1.25!

    Haggle next time your in there, if they don’t drop it to £6.95 then don’t bother getting it. The fuel station does them for £6.95!!!!!!

  2. Majorly Unhappy FoneBitz Employee 2 Says:

    I work for Fone Bitz too, and it’s shite x10

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