Château Vaugelas 2004

In the race to taste the latest “holy grail” Bordeaux vintage, or “super-domaine” from Burgundy it’s easy to overlook other wine regions of France that can offer much better value.  For example Languedoc.

After experimenting with some Fitou several years ago I was left with the impression that wines from this most Mediterranean of French régions, were thick heavy, spicy and coarse.  Clearly this was because I was drinking the cheapest possible produce.  But then I tried a cracking 2003 Corbières that got my juices flowing, both in the brain and elsewhere…

This Château Vaugelas 2004 came from Costco at £6.75 plus VAT.  That is either £7.93 or £7.76 depending on whether you bought it before or after 1 December 2008.  I am proud to have made the marginal contribution of 17 pence to help my government sort out the banking crisis.

The cork smelt of tomato purée, whilst the wine’s aroma was rich, deep and fruity like spicy watercress soup served in a cigar box – presumably a closely manufactured one designed not to leak.

The taste was smooth, though.  Vanilla cream, cassis, raspberries, a touch of banana and bit of a spicy kick – fined through a Scotch Bonnet perhaps?

It tastes much more powerful than 13% and is proof to me that a rich hedonistic style is possible without high alcohol.  This has not only attracted me back to Languedoc wines, but also to Costco’s wine department, a former beneficiary of both blessings and brickbats from this weblog.

For my own benefit, I want to record that the wine was made from 30% of each of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah with the remaining decimus, Mourvèdre.

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  1. Pierre Levron Says:

    I am pleased that you like our Corbiere which is also one of my favourite. On the other hand, I was rather disappointed to read that you had discomfort in purchasing our more expensive wines due to a previous experience on a corked bottle. I wanted to use this opportunity to reassure you that we do not buy bin ends and stock of questionable origin. Most Bordeaux are purchased directly from the Chateaux and as we do not sit on inventory, the wine condition should ideal. Whilst price is important when purchasing, it is not the overiding criteria when making our selection with every offer sampled prior to selection. That said, whilst we strive to “get it right”, the Camensac 95 that you pointed out was indeed a disappointment.

    As in all instances, please be sure to return any wine, whether faulty or dissapointing as regardless of the reason, as a policy we guarantee to fully refund any members purchase without any embarassing questions (even if the bottle is almost empty and regardless of the purchase date). It is very important to our company that our members have confidence in purchasing from us.

    If you want or any would like to discuss anything with me please feel free to contact me on my direct line 01923 830 566

    Pierre Levron
    Costco Head Wine Buyer

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