Lemelson Six Vineyards Pinot Noir 2005

I’ve been all over this big wide world and I’ve tried all kinds of Pinot Noir, but I never get bored of trying a new one.  I am going to learn about a new grape soon, but I will always drink PNs whenever I see an interesting one.

I discovered very late in my virtual journey that Oregon is an excellent source of this varietal.  Lemelson Six Vineyards Oregon Pinot Noir 2005 came from the Wine Society (£12.50).

Only six?  Why not eight, or more?

I smelt plums and wet cardboard, but the taste turned out to be more cherry.  A decent wine, but not spectacular value.  I would save up a few more groats and go for the glorious Thea’s Selection (from the same Vineyard and equally available in the UK from the Wine Society at about £19.)

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  1. Yves Jeaurond Says:

    If you need a cult-movie about Pinot Noir (a mad road trip through California’s wine country), please see _Sideways_
    Seems many who have seen the movie have taken their cars and doubloons down the same path, especially for the PNs.


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