Prosecco Mush

I’m always on the lookout for a bargain but I have had my fingers burnt a few times when trying to shave a few pennies off my sparkling wine budget.  The closest I have come to success is Freixenet Cava (although some maintain that this is only good for washing the dog).  Freixenet retails at less than £6 at places like Costco and Tesco which I think is a bargain….until I spotted an Italian mare at less than a fiver on Tesco’s sparkling shelves!

Invariably, as they say, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, and this mushy Maschio was not going to be the exception to the rule.  At £4.99 it is cheaper than a Man City striker but equally unreliable and suspect on motive.

Paler than a Scotsman’s legs, it looks like sparkling water and tastes of little more.  What flavour there is reminds me of pear drops with perhaps a hint of lemon sherbet, but this is verging on a compliment since giving it more than one dimension is gratuitous.  This wine probably met its maker less times than Sarah Palin met John McCain prior to being selected as his running mate.

Lacking acidity, it is only one step up from Pomagne and I advise you, in the event that you inadvertently placed a bottle in your Tesco trolley, to drink it with very spicy food.  This is the best way of hiding the flavour of the wine.

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  1. Douglas Says:

    I cannot quite believe that no one else has commented on that rather thrilling loo.

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