Louis Max 2004 Nuit St Georges

It’s always a bit risky reviewing a wine received as a present.  This bottle by Maison Louis Max came from my good mate Tony Atkinson and I know he got it from a specialist wine retailer in Liverpool.  It’s really tough to find online and according the website has a select and very limited (and no doubt highly discerning) customer base.

I love the slightly irreverent labels.  Much more lively than the sombre output of the average French label draughtsman.

Louis Louis, Hey! Whoa-oh! I love you so...

I also loved the wine although it would be unfair to call it irreverent.  A herby nose of crushed basil, red berry jam and compost is fairly typical Pinot Noir.  The taste is like strawberry jam with tarragon.  Really delicious cutting a dapper line between refreshing and serious.

Top slurp – I’ll keep an eye out for more by Louis Max.

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  1. Jim Says:

    I just bought one of these on a knock out shelf at Tescos in Doncaster. 11 quid……………..Hoping to save it for Crimbo, but it might not live that long!
    It was the last one so if you need one, it’s gone!

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