Viña Maipo Sauvignon Blanc 2007

My wino mate, Robert, opened a debate about whether bringing a supermarket branded wine showed good judgement, or embarrassed your dinner party hosts.

Most winos concluded that it shows good form to see through the label and judge the wine.  In fact, spotting a bargain winissimo in sheep’s clothing is a big coup for a wine snob (assuming he can convince his friends that the wine is really worth much more than the actual price).  I have a personal view here.  I simply don’t care where the wine comes from, or the name on the label, or the price, but I am a sucker for packaging.  On that measure I am not sure why I picked up this ugly bottle at Sainsbury for £6.99.

Maipo in the snow - remember snow?

The comparator for a Sauvignon Blanc from anywhere else in the world is New Zealand.  If there is one thing that the Kiwis do well it is package and label their wines.  If there is another thing they do well it is make them taste zingy, fruity and interesting.  This one only just misses the mark on the flavour, but steers well clear of packagus pulchritudinus‡.  Lot’s of gooseberry, but no exotic fruits.  Lot’s of acidity but the sweetness tastes a bit artificial.  At £6.99 it is a good buy, but for a couple of quid more I would go Kiwi and drink one bottle less per month.

Or maybe I am just affected by the drab packaging?

Viña Maipo Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2007 Valle Central – Sainsbury £6.99.

‡  On the plus side, I was impressed to see the label recommending a serving temperature of 8 to 12ºC, much warmer than the 3ºC that most restos serve SB.

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  1. Golly Says:

    I quite like Vina Maipo SB, as you say, it’s not the best out there and isn’t worth £8, but Sainsbury’s regularly sell it at £4 ‘half price’ when it is good value and a great party/bbq wine. I just get irritated that the supermarkets don’t price more honestly.

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:


    You are so right. I’ve just seen Maipo in Sainsbury at £3.99. At that price it is stonking value. I feel ripped off!
    Perhaps I should only buy supermarket wines that are on offer from now on…

  3. Robert Wray Says:

    I’m sitting drinking a glass right now; as Vina Maipo SB was on offer of 3 bottles for £10 this evening. At that price, it’s fantastic! 😉

  4. Andrew Wrobel Says:

    Sainsbury’s offer of 3 for £10 means that with another -5% for more than 6 bottles that this normally £7.99 wine is £2.96 a bottle !! Has any wine professional ever reviewed this brand ?

  5. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    £2.96 is stonking value but note the comments above re supermarket pricing. The “normal” price is not really £7.99.
    There is plenty of controversy around supermarket pricing for example see

  6. René NL Says:

    On a recent trip to the UK it struck me that Sainsbury’s prices Vina Maipo significantly higher than Dutch supermarkets do – even now £ has dropped in €’s. Nevertheless, as their rosado is my favourite, I had to try SB which I had not seen in NL yet. Too expensive really IMO at £ 7.99 but much better than the competition at the price it should be possible to get it for here. I’ll try to convince my local chain to carry it !
    While we’re at it – an amazing SB I had that week was the NZ “Nautilus” at this resto, check it – they may have a few bottles on offer 🙂

  7. Roddy Says:

    Tried a bottle last week at Sainsburys at £3.99 and found it perfectly acceptable for routine quaffing so back today and bought 4 cases before it disappeared! I reckon its damn good value.

  8. Roddy Says:

    Bought a bottle at Sainburys last wek for £3.99 and found it perfectly acceptable for routine quaffing so back today to buy 4 cases before it all disappeared! I reckon its damn good value.

  9. Art Says:

    Had this wine for the first time about a year ago while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It immediately became one of my favorites. Found it to be very enjoyable with or without food. I was a person who was solely a Pinot Grigio fan when it came to white wines. Found this to be a nice change from the Pinot Grigio. Still dry but with a bit more fruity taste. Looking to buy retail in NY/NJ/PA areas of USA. Anyone know where?

  10. andrew Says:

    They also do a grand reserva vina maipo SB which is absolutely first rate.

    Sainsburrys normal price is £9, but they did it half price before Christmas, so I bought 10 bottles!


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