Spring has sprung…London bound

Late May and a well deserved holiday for me and the missus.  So we left gardening chores to be done next weekend and took the train to London.

Should be a good harvest this year

You can read about our exploits over coming weeks as I write up the notes.  In the meantime I would just like to say thank you to the Park Plaza County Hall Hotel who looked after us superbly well and even treated us for Fred’s birthday with a complimentary platter fit for any wino.  Thanks guys….

Plaza platter

2 Responses to “Spring has sprung…London bound”

  1. edward Says:

    A well deserved holiday I am sure. What did the fancy water taste like?

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    I drank the sparkling as a refreshing afternoon liquisnack when we arrived. The still water was consumed as a rehydration exercise after one of several bottles of wine consumed over the weekend.
    Not seen that brand before but then I am just a simple Northern boy…

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