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Many people have contacted me asking why it is so difficult to find recommendations on my site.  Sample quote, “I just wanted to find a decent red to take to a dinner party and I had to page through the whole bloody site!”

I am generally against rating wine because it is so subjective.  Who am I to judge whether you will like a wine or not?  However, I can judge whether I like a wine or not, so I use a binary rating scale.

1 = I like it
0 = I don’t like it

So I am not going to award 5 stars, or 90/100 points, or even a top ten.  But I have decided to start a favourites page where I will highlight wines that I tried recently and really liked.  Some food venues are also covered.  It is completely subjective and totally at my discretion how long an item stays in my “favourites” and demotion does not mean I no longer like it.  It’s just a fun way of sharing my thoughts, albeit somewhat randomly.

You can find Wino’s Favourites under “Pages” (see top right on the home page).

Any feedback is appreciated.

5 Responses to “Wino’s Favourites”

  1. Peter May Says:

    Many? — go on — how many?

  2. edward Says:


    Thanks for the mention, the feeling a mutual.
    I like the idea of a binary / digital rating scale, as opposed to the analogue (airy fairy, pull a number out of the air) versions everyone seems to use (myself included).

  3. Alastair Bathgate Says:


    OK “many” might be an exaggeration. I would say less than 20 if I am honest. The quote came from a personal friend who follows the blog.
    I’ll keep an eye on the page and if no-one views it I will delete it.
    I am merely trying to give people what they want and still learning.
    As I only get around 2,000 unique visitors per month at the moment, it may take some time to collect the stats.
    I welcome all feedback and encourage negative opinion (which tends to result in improvement rather than complacency).

  4. Douglas Says:

    Thanks for the intro wino-sapien. He goes less off-piste then we do!

  5. Fred10 Says:

    I’m very pleased to see you giving your readers what they want – about time. I think this page will be a hit as I am always on the lookout for Birthday or Christmas ideas on what to buy fellow wino’s!

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