Laguna – Lugana – let’s call the whole thing off!

A quiet Italian restaurant in Manchester.  Maybe not the best place to expose one’s ignorance.  I mean, how could I possibly confuse a tacky MTV reality show, with a beautiful lake in the north of Italy?

If, like me, you are over 40, and approaching the early stages of senile dementia, you already know where I am going (although you probably won’t remember by the time I reach the end of this sentence).

So for the record, the Lugana wine region is on the southern shores of Lake Garda, and I would also like to say that….er hang on I’ve forgotten again, where did I park my car?

Lugana with a bucket of water (not from Lake Garda)

This is another star find that I managed to pick up by mistake.  One of those “bin-ends” cases that the STWC offers with astonishing generosity and annoying frequency.  “We guarantee that your £47.50 case of wine will be worth at least £47.60 and possibly as much as £3 trillion!”  How could I refuse such an offer?

It’s strange how I frequently find a new wine at a restaurant and stare at it in wonder and amazement whilst occasionally sipping and murmuring “mmmmmm nice”.  Then several days later, whilst clearing out my garage I find a bottle of something similar that I didn’t even know I had in my secret stash.

I am, in any case, an eclectic wine buyer.  An oenological magpie that pecks at every passing glinting offer, just because they look interesting.  So I never really know what glitterati I have in my nest.

The wine I am drinking tonight, Cantina di Custoza Laguna 2004, was much nicer than I expected.  Quite refined, dry, fruity and very tasty.  It reminds me of a decent Chablis, perhaps without the finish, but some more zing.  That is not to say it is better than a decent Chablis, but a very appealing seafood wine nonetheless, which left me wondering why I chose it to match a meat feast pizza.

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