Château Batailley 2004

I’ve just received my first case of 2004 en primeur and although arguably a bit early to drink, I always like to have a taste of any wine I receive.

Let the battle commence - Ch. Batailley and a microwave…for some reason

I’m not sure how much this wine cost me in the end, since I lost my records.  The only offering I could find online was in magnums from Berry Bros and Rudd at an equivalent to £20.75 per bottle.

I got strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and champagne sauce. It opened up after while to reveal notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit. At 13%, a powerful wine but not over-alcoholic.

Verdict – very nice wine but needs longer in the bottle.  The Winediva also seems to like 2004 Batailley although warns of patchy quality around Bordeaux from that vintage.

The first Batailley I tried was from the 1996 vintage and I remember thinking what good value it was for the quality of the wine.  This one again is good value.  2004 may not be the best year ever in Bordeaux especially when compared to the remarkable, 2000, 2003 and 2005 vintages that ambushed it.  But I like it and very much look forward to trying my next bottle…in a year or so.

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  1. jonathan cockburn Says:

    Hi, I bought a bottle of the 2001 on the way back from France earlier this year. 2001 was generally a very good vintage, so I was wondering why you did not mention it.
    I’m taking the bottle (already decanted) to my elderly parents tomorrow, as my fatehr is a retired wine broker. So I’ll let you know how I get on.
    Do you live in Bath by any chance? If so it may be worth meeting as this is where I live.
    All the best
    Jonathan Cockburn

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Hi Jonathan
    Thanks for your comment. I probably tried the Batailley 2001 at some point before this weblog existed but I never kept any notes in those days.
    I think 2001 was a decent vintage in general but was ambushed by the hype of 2000, 03, and 05. I wouldn’t hesitate to drink from 2001 and it offers good value in my opinion.
    I live in the north of England with a foot either side of the Pennines. If you are in the area, drop me a line and see if we can grab a glass.
    I removed your phone numbers from your comment before publishing it to the world.
    Best regards

  3. Confessions of a Wino » Blog Archive » Château Batailley 2004 revisited Says:

    […] place and nor did I this time.  I’ve drunk the wine a number of times though, and in my last tasting of 2004, I decided it was too early to drink.  Venerable US critic, Robert Parker, agrees […]

  4. jonathan cockburn Says:

    Hi Alastair,
    Sorry about the very tardy reply, but I completely forgot that I promised to let you know how the 2001 tasted. Actually it was great and definitely ready to quaff. The balance bewteen fruit and tannin was just right, with the latter having faded sufficiently to produce a deep full bodied smooth delicious wine that had a really nice distinctive ‘old book’ smell. I’ve got a couple of bottles of Chateaux les Grand Chenes 2001 (a Cru Bourgeois Medoc) and I’m going to take one up to London , (as staying with my octogenerian parents again), so hope this will be good too. Problem is that I’m going on my motorbilke, so I’ll decant it first and just hope it travels alright in my rucksack!
    What are your current recommendations? For a really good cheap table wine we (that’s my wife, Louise and I ) are drinking Vina Del Portillo (a 2001 Crianza) which only costs about £6.00 a bottle from Averys. It’s one of the best valued wines going from them. We’ve just come back from the Loire and so got some interesting Gamay and Cot (Malbec) wines. All best. Jonathan Cockburn.
    PS I sometimes head north of Watford so will let you know when I’m coming your way! Equally if you’re down in the Bath area, let us know and I’ll treat you to a bottle of something interesting. I think you’ve got our address details.

  5. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Would be great to meet up over a glass of wine. Let me know if you are ever in the Manchester or Leeds areas. I rarely head South West unfortunately but if I do, I’ll let you know.

  6. jonathan cockburn Says:

    Hi Alastair, Will do.
    Manchester and Leeds are a bit off my usual stomping ground too I’m afraid, (although one of my children did go to university in Leeds for a couple of terms before changing to a university down south!). I have a sister who lives in Chorley, so when next visiting her will be in touch. I didn’t take the Medoc up to London for my parents in the end because my plans changed, but I did go up on the bike which was quick and fun.
    All best
    Jonathan Cockburn

  7. Alison Jordan Says:

    My daughter has brought me home a bottle of the 2004, a gift for looking after the Grand children,
    I belong to a great wine group in Timaru New Zeaand and look forward to sharing this with good friends, how long do you sugest I cellar this for before introducing them to a great, I hope, French wine.

    Alison Jordan

  8. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Hi Alison
    Lucky you!
    It’s a fabulous wine and drinking pretty well now (2011). However, you may prefer to keep it for a special occasion in which case I reckon it will last for a good few years yet.

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