Eden Project

My visit to the Eden Project in St Austell, Cornwall was so inspirational I had to find a wine link so I could write about it in my Confessions.

Fortunately there were lots of reasons including this fabulous set of sculptures by Tim Shaw.

Rites of Dionysus - the power of alcohol!

I’ll let you read the explanation yourself below.

Ahhhhh so that’s what it’s all about then!

Around this fantastic display was an example of just about every grape variety you can think of, growing in a managed environment.  This place is educational, fun, interesting, but above all simply awesome.  A charity project that has “BIG IDEA” tattooed all over it.

Whilst we are on the subject of Eden, let’s take a little pictorial sojourn.  If you have never been then these photos ought to be enough to get you off your arse and down there for a day or two…  The pictures below do not do justice to the scale of the place.  Don’t visit Eden Project because it’s a charity, go because you will simply be wowed.

How do you like my wings?  Me at Eden…

Hello Archie…

Nice Biomes!

More biomes

Welcome to the Biome!  Er it’s a bit hot in here isn’t it?

A market garden to be proud of!

Hang on, don’t you need a licence to grow Triffids?

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