Martinez Bujanda Rosado – Are you a Pinko?

Now you may well have tried some Rioja red wine from Bodegas Martinez Bujanda but have you ever tried a rosé?

I have and it’s sublime……….on a warm summer day.

This one was part of a mixed case from the Sunday Times Wine Club.  They do special offers on mixed cases from time to time and it’s worth waiting for them.

Usually there is a choice of two cases of different “qualities” obviously at different prices.  The cheap one may include a couple of bottles of rosé of this quality and some ropey old shite from god knows where (which is tolerable only if you drink it at <5 degrees C).  This will retail at about £60 or about £5 per bottle.

Please consider paying just a few quid more for the slightly better case which is usually priced between £70 and £90.  I have found it well worth the extra few grunts – the quality of wine is consisently good and there will be an odd bottle of beauty. If you don’t get offered the superior case search for it on the website or ring up and ask.  STWC is quite good at making up a bespoke case for you if you ask for it.

This pink Rioja tasted of Battenburg cake.  Very refreshing.

Martinez Bujanda Rosé is currently available at the Sunday Times/Laithwaites at £6.79 a bottle or a case of 12 for only £62.99.  I’d recommend a few bottles.

If you believe the global warming story you might need it this summer!

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