Trinity Hill 2007 Sauvignon

Tonight it’s the MasterChef semi-final and I’m supporting Emily.  She is young, enthusiastic, innovative, intelligent, bright, ambitious, engaging, tenacious, persistent, creative, spunky, adventurous, and quick to learn.  From a business perspective, she is the sort of person you would employ first and then wonder what role she should fill second.

Trinity Hill 2007 - on the precipice of greatness?

I wish more winemakers were as energetic and creative (in so far as that is expressed in their wines).  I think John Hancock maybe such a star.  I have just tried his Trinity Hill 2007 Sauvignon Blanc from Hawkes Bay.

I recently ordered a case of SBs from the Wine Society and my first taste (Cloudy Bay) worried me that 2007 was a poor year in comparison to 2006.  Trinity Hill has assured me that this is not so.

I tried the 2006 twice last year and there is a lot less gooseberry in the 2007.  So far, so good.  Much more evident were peach, elderflower, lemon zest.  Intense, zesty, zingy, gorgeous.  By far the best white wine I have tried this year.  You can get it from the Wine Society for £7.95.

So I am in a good mood and hoping that Emily knocks the socks off her older competitors.  COME ON EMILY!  And John, if you ever want a job in the UK, give me a shout…

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  1. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    WOOHOO! – she made it to the final. But hang on…. how come there were four people in the semi-final and three in the final??? Most semi-finals result in two casualties. Oh well, I’m still an Emily fan.

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    I’m very sorry that Emily didn’t win MasterChef. She is truly talented but at 18 years of age clearly too young. A couple of mistakes, that a few more years of experience, will eliminate was the only thing that settled like a depth charge, between her and the trophy.
    She done great to get the final though and I predict that she will be a Gordon Ramsay of the future, only female, er and not Scottish, and perhaps a few less swear words……

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