Valle Perdido Pinot Noir, 2010

If you judge a book by its cover or a wine by its label, hide your head behind the sofa now. I’ve never read such total utter bollocks on a wine bottle. Piers Morgan and Worzel Gummidge’s love child could have written something more coherent and less smug. Fortunately, I have an open mind. Unscrew the cap, James…

Just as well, because the wine is rather nice, although more like a Rhone style Syrah than a Burgundy Pinot Noir. Rich and spicy, yet made from the souls of Sergio Aguerro, Carlos Tevez, and Eva Perón, that is to say smooth, moody and capricious, it went particularly well with a plate of Spanish cured meats. So, it’s not really a Pinot Noir, but I do admire people who stretch boundaries and try new things – wine from Wolverhampton, anybody?

Staying in Argentina for now, you can get this for £8.99 from Fine Wines Direct it’s well worth a try (if you like Syrah).

WART warning – although Syrah flavoured, drink at Pinot Noir temperature (~14 degrees) for best enjoyment.

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