Luis Cañas Amaren Rioja Reserva, 2001

I once returned 5 badly corked bottles of Luis Cañas to the Sunday Times Wine Club, one by one.  The poor call centre staff, on seeing my number, started greeting me with “your usual complaint, Mr Bathgate?”.  They had a point.  I had only ordered half a case.  But, fair play to them, they refunded every bottle.

And that meant that ordering Luis Cañas again was not scary, not even from the same merchant.

Mind you, I still opened this bottle with a little trepidation, as my Tesco pizza frazzled in the oven.  It cost me about £20 after all, having arrived as part of a President’s Cellar selection from the STWC.

At first it was a shade bitter but, no worries.  After a bit of air, all the smoothness of the 18 months of oak ageing came through and the wine revealed its fruity, mellow underbelly.  A Spanish wine that tastes more like a Bordeaux and yet goes marvellously with spicy pizza?  That has to be worth £20.

3 Responses to “Luis Cañas Amaren Rioja Reserva, 2001”

  1. The Sediment Blog Says:

    A £20 pizza? From Tesco? You were robbed…

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:


  3. Steve Evans Says:

    If there is a little bit of TCA (which corks a wine) then there is a lot so it makes perfect sense that you might have 5 bottles out of one case. Very frustrating to have to open them all on different occassions though.

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