Villa Calcinaia 2006

Have you ever placed a bet you can’t lose?  Cast iron guaranteed?

Just prior to the start of the season I wagered the considerable sum of £10 with fellow Man City fan, Jamie Goode.

Calcinaia, and a bog brush....for some reason

As I write this, our beloved team is playing away at Villa Park, and who wouldn’t have bet that ex-City defensive stalwart and player of the year for a record four consecutive seasons, Richard Dunne, would out-jump 10 year Villan veteran, Gareth Barry, who swapped teams in the opposite direction in a crazy City spending spree this summer, to head home the opening goal?

However, my bet with the Wine Anorak was longer term.  Jamie puts the Citizens in second place next May, presumably above the Rags but below Chelsea?  My forecast is a miserable 11th and whoever is closest takes the ten spot.

On reflection, whilst I would gladly pay an Ayrton Senna to see Man City take the silver medal, is the price of an average bottle of wine enough compensation if we finish below 11th?  Maybe betting is a mugs game after all.

This bottle came from Wine Society at £11.25 but was average only in price.  Smoky, rich, vanilla and a virtual cherry cheesecake in a bottle – super yum.  So whilst gambling is fun.  Kids, just say NO.  Drink wine instead.   It is better value.

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  1. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Game finishes 1-1 – pretty fair. Don’t think many teams will win at Villa this year. Dunne MOM – no shock there!

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