Château Pelan Bellevue 2005

Are you a wine magpie?  I can’t resist a tempting offer and, bearing in mind the stellar reputation of 2005 Bordeaux, a Wine Society mixed case from the Côtes was a no-brainer.  My theory that a rising tide lifts all boats (i.e. in a good year even crap winemakers are going to have to work hard to produce awful wine) leads me to try almost any CHEAP 2005.

Nice view of some cyclists?  Oh that would be a peloton!

Château Pelan Bellevue, Côtes de Francs, must be a light and particularly buoyant boat in any case because it rose straight to the top of my taste buds.

Ironically, the wine itself is quite heavy.  Earthy and rich with stone fruits and egg custard, this wine is tannic but juicy and delicious for only £7.95. Sadly it is no longer on the Wine Society website and I can’t find any other stockists just now – shame….

If you happen to have some in your rack, give it a try and let me know what you think.

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  1. Peter May Says:

    I also bought a case of TWS 2005 Clarets, but it was the other of the two mixed cases on offer so don’t have this example…..

  2. paul barry Says:

    just to let you know i was given a bottle of chateau pelan 1998 was worried that it might not have been layed down properly ,but i opened it lovlely smooth wine .Ialso will be looking for this wine again.

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