Wither Hills Rarangi 2007

As if it wasn’t hard enough already (no pun intended), blokes everywhere are giving up hope of ever getting another blowjob.

Before Americanisation, I used to think that “head” was the foam on a pint of beer.  As a mature Wino, I now I fully realise that it is the bubbles on top of a Bellini.  And I love a Bellini.

Far ranging flavours

Wither Hills Rarangi cost me £10.95 from the Wine Society but is now out of stock.

If you can find a bottle at another retailer for about the same price, you may be interested to know whether I recommend that you buy one.  The diplomatic answer is that it depends.  Oh no, that is such a Gordon Brown answer!  No really.  It depends on whether you like the peach purée and Prosecco cocktail that is so prolific in Italy.

Rarangi tastes like a Bellini with a dash of lime, and to me that is gorgeous.  For a New Zealand Sauvignon, though, you might be disappointed at the lack of cats’ piss, but this wine is the Clark Gable of Kiwi SBs.  As smooth as closely shaven genitalia, but getting your lips around Rarangi is much less likely to give you cancer.

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