Mia Millennium mild malaise, mostly muddled moveables

I really wanted to like Casa Mia Millennium.  My recent experience at Casa Mia Grande in Chapel Allerton was unparalleled.  Also, Marco, ex Flying Pizza and Marco’s is running front of house, so I had high hopes of the Leeds city centre branch of this popular family run restaurant cluster.

Unfortunately, it is almost, but not quite there.  For a start there is too much furniture in the awkward shaped rooms.  Getting to the bar is a mountaineering challenge if there are more than 3 people in a room that should have capacity for 25.

Millennium madness?

Upstairs the main dining room’s tables sit uncomfortably together like patients at a busy clap clinic.  It was almost impossible not to participate in the birthday celebration next door.  By contrast, the service is a bit uncoordinated and, although there appeared to be sufficient staff, we did feel a little neglected.

The food is okay.  The wine list is okay.  I tried a Chianti 2005 Fattoria Loppiano, interesting not just for its cherry, nutmeg, cinnamon, stewed apple and cayenne pepper flavours, but also for the grape varieties added to the usual Sangiovese.  Malvasia Nera, Cannaiolo Nero, Merlot and Cabernet all stood guiltily in the suspect line up.

Nice view of Leeds Town Hall...and some wine

The chips and deep fried zucchini were a little soggy.  The Macchiato was a saving grace, especially with a free Nocillo liqueur – a walnut flavoured take on Fernet Branca or Gammel Dansk.  A medicinal but lovely digestif.

I think I caught Millennium on a bad night.  It must be better than this to be so popular.  However, the furniture really needs sorting out.  The interior designer of the excellently furnished Casa Mia Grande should be consulted immediately.

Casa Mia Millennium, Millennium Square, Great George Street, Leeds LS2 3AD.
T: 0870 428 3001
F: 0870 444 5159
W: www.casamiaonline.co.uk
E: enquiries@casamiaonline.com

4 Responses to “Mia Millennium mild malaise, mostly muddled moveables”

  1. Alex Says:

    I have to say I’ve never heard anything good about Casa Mia Millennium (along the lines of “it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good”). After your write up of the one in Chapel A I have been tempted to venture out there (not managed it yet, of course) and was considering at least one of the masterclasses as a Christmas present. It might be a case of the children not living up to the parent!

  2. Peter May Says:

    tables sit uncomfortably together like patients at a busy clap clinic.

    I’m happy to take your word for it 🙂

  3. Chris Townend Says:

    I too have noted a drop in standards at Casa Mia. The good doctor and I skipped and had a very civilised lunch at Brio which was impeccable as always.
    Just how many wine bloggers are there in Leeds?

  4. dominik Says:

    I think you’re a rich man in his life that has nothing to do and then criticize the Italian restaurants, so popular in England! Are you a good criticism(if you are)>Now can you,please explain us why in Leeds there are about 760.00 people and just 3 of them have responded to your critical?Are your friends?I had a great night last night with my wife at CasaMia Millennium and last week at Grande.
    If yuou don’t like the italian food please try a fast food like Mc Donald’s but please don’t spend your time and words about the italian restaurant o italian food!It’s not for you believe me!Goodbye

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