The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2007

Under pressure from my peers at work to get a push email device, I quickly rejected the Samsung Omnia and, less readily, the Nokia N96, so that left me with a technological fruit cocktail to contend with:  Apple or Blackberry.

I’ve been a Nokia man since I switched from an ancient Ericsson in the early 1990s.  I was an early adopter of mobile phones on account of working in a disaster planning role.  Oh how we laughed in those early days as we ate in a curry house in Bingley enduring super slow service.  I had an idea.  I pulled out my brick shaped device, telephoned the restaurant and ordered the bill to much guffawing from other customers.  Doesn’t sound so stupid nowadays but phones then were primitive, and I was the only person in the resto, possibly in the whole village, that had such a bulge in my pants.

Last weekend I chose the green fruit and to my partial regret, my new iPhone has become an overwhelming project.  Totally incompatible with the 22 Nokia chargers I had placed in various strategic locations.  No plausible way of transferring the contact details from my old phone.  So much configuration required to set up links to my various email IDs that I have been burrowing deep into old papers for server and security details.

In a way, though, it is quite fun.  The end result of my efforts will justify the means and save me hours of otherwise wasted time.  The user interface is almost as good as the hype – and that means that it is very good indeed.  And the various applications that you can download range from the totally bizarre iPint, to the downright useful Tube Status.

Brent Marris got a new project recently.  His pain came from his old project, though.  I hope he is enjoying life more these days.

I actually thought the non-competition version of Wither Hills 2006 was pretty good, and the post Marris 2007 stood up well too.

The Ned Waihopai River came from the Wine Society at £8.95, less than half the price of Cloudy Bay.  Smelling of stuff like honeysuckle, apricot and orange blossom, the flavour had a few segments of red grapefruit, a small slice of crisp red apple, but the overriding taste was apricots ladled with clear honey.  Superb stuff! Maybe I was accidentally shipped one of the bottles intended for international competition 😉

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