Don Cayetano Sauvignon Blanc 2006

A Sunday Times Wine Club crisp refreshing whites case (£60) produced this rather cheap looking Sauvignon Blanc from Chile’s Valle Central.  It was cheaply packaged and very pale with hardly any aroma.

And it wasn’t just cheap looking it was cheap.

Make me an offer (£5 per bottle?) for the DON….

But that doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality.

The wine tasted of flying saucers with the zing of the sherbet, yet the flatness of the paper.  Some peach and pear blossom.  Very drinkable for the price which is £6.17 for the 2007 vintage, but the 2006, whilst available, was much cheaper.  Wait for the price to drop, or for the Don to be included in a mixed case, before you buy.

Or you could go over to Laithwaites (which is STWC without its skin) and pick up a case at only £5 per bottle!  Fancy that!

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  1. Troy Says:

    I’m feeling a bit tempted by a Virgin Wines joining offer and their winebank thing looks pretty good – I think you’ve mentioned it. I can tell you’re not averse to the odd wine club, so what’s your opinion of this one?
    In the past Laithwaites left boxes in my garage on a regular basis until I began to find their selections a bit samey and got bored. That was about 3 years ago but that’s my wine club yardstick.
    Enjoy the confessions and looking forward to a bit more of the lads’ trip to Fuengirola…

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Hi Troy
    Definitely join Virgin. The opening offers are great. The auction site is quite good and occasionally yields a bargain. The wine bank adds one monthly subscription every 3 months – so for example, I pay £20 per month and that gets me £80 per quarter to spend.
    The general mixed cases are probably no better than the STWC/Laithwaites but if you choose your own bottles at the £5 to £10 level you will find much better wines than the cheap cases. And if you take the wine bank thing into account they are cheaper than they look.
    Good luck!

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