Concha y Toro Winemaker’s Lot 102T 2006

Why keep an online diary?  I am not Samuel Pepys.  I don’t have a burning desire to share my (albeit valuable) thoughts with the world.  I have no reason to create an alibi, or lay a false trail for the police.  I don’t have much spare time in my life, so I have to write quickly and from the gut (well, bladder to be precise).  So why do I do it?

The answer is as simple as the various thoughts that meander through my sponge-like brain.  I am exploring the world of wine and I wanted to keep a record for myself because my memory is patchy.  But even I would be bored by reading bland tasting notes, or wine ratings (no, no, no, no, no, please, wine is subjective!).  So I wrap my thoughts in inane claptrap…for some reason.  And I know it’s bad form, but when I do look back at my various posts, I sometimes laugh at my own jokes (someone has to).  Above all I recall happy things that simply would have fallen through my colandar like memory otherwise.

The imaginatively titled “102T” is not a name likely to hang around my hippocampus.  It came from the Chilean Pinot Noir case I ordered from the Wine Society for about £82 recently.

The imaginatively named 102T

To call it 102T is of course unfair, since its full title is the equally memorable Concha y Toro Winemakers Lot 102T Pinot Noir El Triangulo Vineyard, Casablanca Valley 2006.

Any road up, I found it quite Burgundinian in smell and first flavour but at 14.5% alcohol, much more of a blockbuster style.  Strawberries and cigar tobacco prevailed with some burnt meringue (much nicer than it sounds) coming through later in the bottle.

I am generally impressed by Concha y Toro, and in a wider sense, I am ever more impressed by wines from Chile.  This one is no exception.  I remember the disgusting and cheap Chilean wines from the 1980s.  As we race towards the two thousand and tens, the only common point is that they are still cheap.

I am exploring a number of Pinot Noirs from around the world at the moment and finding that the range of tastes and styles is so much wider than I thought.  This is a happy journey and one that is worth recording for posterity.

4 Responses to “Concha y Toro Winemaker’s Lot 102T 2006”

  1. Douglas Says:

    So, what shape is the vineyard?

  2. Robert Says:

    I’ve always wanted to ask. Is there a plan behind the location of the photos you take? It is great to see the bottle, but we also get a ‘voyeuristic’ glimpse of your home and family life with backgrounds of garages, balconies, tables, shelves, etc. I just wondered what inspires the location?

  3. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    I thought you would appreciate a backdrop of my garage door and a lawn scarifier! I’ve just noticed my mower is missing – must have been in for service.

    There was once a plan to find a different and random object to appear in every photo but I am a simple man and quickly ran out of interesting items. So I simply try to vary the backdrop. Life is so interesting and so big that you can never run out of things to say, do, or photograph!

    I think a psychologist could make hay analysing my random brain from this weblog.

    As to vineyard shapes – Spanish is not one of my languages, in so far as what triangulo means I am going to plump for dodecagonal…..for some reason.

  4. edward Says:


    Another excellent read and another curious photo! I always think of my blog as therapy and a way of purging my brain of odd ideas and ruminations. Best not to let too many strange ideas brew in a confined space. . .

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