Château Roc de Boisseaux 2003

I’m having mood swings.  Pinot Noir vs Merlot.  I love Pinots from Chile, New Zealand and even Burgundy (when I can afford them).  I am equally starting to appreciate the right bank of la Gironde, the home of Merlot?  In any case, both grapes are a welcome change from Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Sangiovese for example.

Roc on!  Boisseaux on the oche….for some reason

So tonight I am eating dark ginger cake, smoky bonfire parkin, dark fruits, wood chips and liquorice root.  Or maybe I am drinking Château Roc de Boisseaux 2003 St Emilion.

At 13% that is quite enough alcohol to make it a very interesting wine.  From a very hot year and fairly well respected vintage, this wine rolls around your mouth like a marble in a mixing bowl, and it sizzles like the paws of a cat on a hot tin roof.

It wasn’t dead cheap, but neither grossly expensive at Laithwaites for £15.83 a bottle.

I might look up the 2005.  Once again I reiterate that you should look for lower class wines in great years if you want to find the best value from Bordeaux.

Recommendation?  If you find this wine at a reasonable price – try it.  You will like.

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  1. monkey Says:

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  2. Roc de Boisseaux Says:


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